New Magnus crime novel out: Whale Fjord


Whale Fjord: A Magnus Iceland Mystery by Michael Ridpath

My new Magnus novel is published! It's called Whale Fjord and is number 7 in the series after Death in Dalvik.

Iceland 1940. Britain invades Iceland. Lieutenant Tom Marks is a British officer tasked with defending Whale Fjord. He meets Kristín, a young widow from a nearby farm, who has a small son. Tom is smitten.

Iceland 2023. Inspector Magnus Ragnarsson is called to the shores of Whale Fjord where the skeletons of a man and a woman have been discovered, both shot with British wartime bullets. Magnus uncovers a web of anger and revenge that stretches back eighty years and forward to a shocking murder in Reykjavík.

'Magnus is a complex and totally compelling character, fitting perfectly into the bleak and intimidating settings of Ridpath’s Iceland.’ – New York Journal of Books

The book will be available worldwide, in paperback or as an ebook through Kindle (only). The ebook price is £2.99/$3.99 for the next week or so, but will go up to £3.99/$5.99 after that. This is the Amazon link.

If you want to buy a signed and dedicated copy, then please get in touch with my local bookshop, Lutyens and Rubinstein, who will send you one once I have come by and signed it.

If you do buy it, I hope you enjoy it!


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