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Crime novels set in Greenland: Christoffer Petersen

My last two blog posts described my researches in Greenland for my novel The Wanderer . Compared to Iceland, there are very few crime novels set in Greenland that are available in English. The only author I know of who writes these is t he British-Danish crime novelist Christoffer Petersen. His books feature the Greenlandic detective constable David Maratse and give a terrific picture of life – and death – in Greenland. Chris himself spent seven years living in Greenland and his knowledge and understanding of the country and its people shine through. They are fascinating novels, and great murder mysteries too. I asked Christoffer to post here about living in and writing about Greenland: Greenland. Where to start? I could begin by saying that Greenland was never on my radar. I grew up on Jack London stories, devouring them and everything else remotely connected to them. I developed a passion for the Arctic as a teenager, and it has consumed me for much of my life, guiding my decis