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Chapter 1: The Polar Bear Killing

Following my previous post on polar bears in Iceland , here is the first chapter of my novella The Polar Bear Killing. This was going to be the most important day of his life. He knew it. He could feel it. This would be the day when he left his mark on the world. Constable Halldór’s fingers tightened on the wheel of his police 4x4 as it hurtled through the fog towards the farm by the river where the polar bear had been sighted. The professional hunters in their souped-up Super Jeep were at least ten kilometres away. He would get there first. He would have only a few minutes to make the shot. The polar bear had been spotted on a beach six hours before by some fishermen, who had immediately called the coastguard. Polar bears were not native to Iceland, but once every couple of years one would pop up along the northern coastline, usually having ridden sea ice that had drifted eastwards from Greenland. Often they swam the last few miles to shore. By the time they reached Iceland, they were